The Thirteenth Fit

The Thirteenth Fit

August 14, 2021

Would you look at that! Another episode! Herein we talk about 11th anniversary (as a couple, not of the podcast) and share our experience of our stay in one of the most beautiful spots on the Pacific Coast of California.

Note: There was some random RF interference in a couple spots that I couldn't seem to isolate and edit out. I apologize in advance for that.

The Twelfth Fit

The Twelfth Fit

January 25, 2021

The latest installment (recorded 4 months ago) of the continuing saga of Drinking and Talking! Special thanks to our listener and Discord pal Lorelei (Lori) for the questions.

Editor's Note: the new recording equipment was super sensitive to any breeze and so on a few parts, the sound of the wind on the microphone obscures the talking. Sorry 'bout dat.

The Eleventh Fit

The Eleventh Fit

October 9, 2020

Hello! It has been a long time. Global pandemics can suck it. Anyway, welcome to the 11th installment of the Drinks and Talks series of our podcast. Instead of giving you a long list of bullet points that list random things that are said in the podcast, I'll just give you the highlights.

In this episode, we talk about Valentine's Day, gardening, our dogs, beer, future podcast segment ideas, geography, culture, age, memory, and metric prefixes. Then, after we give the contact information, which should signal the end of the podcast, we keep rambling for another 15 minutes or so about social media and my old roommate.


The Tenth Fit - Festivals

The Tenth Fit - Festivals

January 22, 2020

The Tenth Fit - Festivals!

  • Welcome to Episode 10 of Drinks and Talks!

    • Happy Anniversary?
    • Happy New Season?
  • It’s October 13th, 2019 in Studio B
  • Drunks in the park singing?
  • Went to an event today
    • We were tasting some not-so-great wines
    • Riverbank Cheese and Wine Exposition 2019
    • It got started a long time ago, not sure when
    • We’re guessing it’s because of cheese that used to be made in downtown Riverbank
    • Now it is a street fair that is free
  • No kids means we’re going drinking!
  • We got a deal on the tickets – seemed like an error
  • We carefully avoided people that we don’t want to see
    • Side track about #ModestoFamous people
  • The wines were… not… good.
  • Ten bucks is ten bucks, right?
  • Who does pepper jack cheese at a wine tasting? There’s a purpose to cheese at wine tasting!
  • The actual cheese booth inside was awesome, though!
  • Olive oil tasting was taking way too long, so we skipped out on that.
  • IPA, IPA, IPA, Pale Ale, and then a Red…
  • Got some deep fried, fair food.
  • The music though…
    • All the hits, the hits, the hits!
    • And the cover band…
  • And then we left!
  • Support the local…
  • In a few decades, the retirement homes will have a lot of faded tattoos.
    • Syd rants about tattoos.
    • For a long time
  • More to say about street festivals and faires.
    • Castroville Artichoke Festival was good because it had a theme
    • Riverbank Cheese and Wine Exposition however…
      • Expensive Beer
      • Same vendors year after year selling the same stuff
      • HVAC and Water Softener booths
    • …but the people…
    • Why do they want to pay $5 or more a beer, cheap beer, to walk around downtown?
    • More specifically, why do they keep doing it?
    • What is it? Why do they do it?
  • Basically, Syd doesn’t understand people.
  • He needs the listeners to explain people to him.
  • Security at the event.
    • There were rooftop security people.
    • Sheriff carrying a heavy rifle inside the wine tasting area.
    • Some had horses!
  • Syd talks about being in Mexico when he was in college.
  • Beer Break!!!
  • Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter
  • Discussion about beer styles
    • Especially German and English
  • Discord post backfires on me…
  • The shed is coming along nicely.
  • Charles jumps into Syd’s lap onto the microphone.
  • Bowie’s chair
  • Syd makes roofing decisions on the podcast.
    • Not a blue tarp and bungee cords
  • We apparently did not decide to paint it green
  • Two nights in a row podcasting.
  • We talk about the possibility of getting all of Goth Rock Song Challenge by the end of the year
    • Spoiler: it didn’t happen
  • Should we have guest podcasters to comment on our song challenge?
  • The future of Studio B
    • Spoiler: we want an enclosed porch/sun room
  • Anything could happen!
    • Syd can’t win the lottery, though
  • Would we move to Washington if we won the lottery?
    • Maybe if we won a net of $4 or $5 million
    • But not like Spokane, there’s too much snow
  • It’s been a year since we’ve been in the Pacific Northwest
  • Coco announces her new hairstyle
    • Spoiler: She shaved her head
  • Syd plays the “old man” card
    • And people get confused by the fact that he’s an old man
    • He’s basically like a person in Nepal
  • Spoiler: Thompson-Hysell Engineering isn’t around any more
  • Syd’s co-worker shared some music thing with Syd at work
    • And Syd had no clue.
    • But it was kinda neat.
  • Basically, Syd doesn’t know what is popular
  • Back to the topic at hand, Coco and Ron Howard both have no hair
    • Well, Coco has some still because it was clippers
  • Sigourney Weaver doesn’t have anything on Coco!
  • Coco doesn’t want to talk about her hair
  • Syd feels he’s been dominating the conversation
  • She shaved her head in solidarity with her Grandma who has cancer
    • Fuck Cancer
  • Charlie’s breath smells like a sewer
    • Charlie needs a deep cleaning
  • Podcast got dark and serious
  • Joo Janta 200 Peril-Sensitive Super Chromatics!
  • International Towel Day
    • What is a towel that size called?
  • She’s keeping it shaved only for a bit. Even though she has a great shaped head.
  • Phrenology – a brief discussion
  • Syd is trying to look up a picture on his phone while he is recording an AUDIO PODCAST
    • What an idiot
  • Syd reads a list of very long and complex words that probably have fallen out of use
  • Hope? Hope. Hm.
  • There are 36 items on the list. This is absurd.
  • What did we learn today?
    • We aren’t going back to Cheese and Wine Exposition tasting
  • It’s always been the Cheese and Wine Exposition
    • But the glasses say Cheese and Wine Festival
    • T.F?
  • We learned about
    • Phrenology
    • Syd doesn’t know anything about current pop culture
    • And he’s a bad geek
  • Star Trek stuff
  • We need to win the lottery to hire other people to do the things we need to do so we have time to be better geeks.
    • Coco makes a board game pun
  • Cooking and canning are a creative outlet
    • Creativeness? Creativewise? Creativisity?
  • Podcasting is a creative outlet.
  • Something is dying… not sure what it is.
  • Wrapping it up. Maybe.
  • Contact information
  • Syd kills the bug and doesn’t cut it out.
  • And that’s it!

Special Thanks to Nile of Juno’s Circus for our awesome theme music!

Goth Rock - Song List

Goth Rock - Song List

October 29, 2019

Goth Rock 1

  • Syd is totes loud, Coco has a drawl, and Bowie squeaks!
  • Introductions
  • Coco sings something very not goth
  • Bowie continues to squeak while Syd drinks his beer
  • Techno House™ plays goth-ish music
  • It’s the 12th of October
  • Go to YouTube channel for the Goth Rock Playlist
  • Coco’s List
    • Lips Like Sugar – Echo And The Bunnymen
    • She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
    • Burn – The Cure
    • Love Like Blood – The Killing Joke
    • A Strange Kind Of Love – Peter Murphy
    • Day Of The Lords – Joy Division
    • Dance With Me – Lords Of The New Church
    • Sanity Assassin – Bauhaus
    • White Chalk – PJ Harvey
    • Father’s Grave – Melissa Auf Du Mar
    • Old Age – Hole
    • Hyacinth House – The Doors
    • After All – David Bowie
    • In Dulce Decorum – The Damned
    • Israel – Siouxsie And The Banshees
    • Romeo’s Distress – Christian Death
  • Syd wonders if his list will stand up to Coco’s
  • Pause for pee break
  • A little talk about handling…
  • Commentary on Coco’s list
  • We say that we will be recording all of the Song Challenge by the end of October
    • Editor’s Note: I’m editing the episode on the 29th
  • Syd’s List
    • Halloween – The Misfits
    • All Cats Are Grey – The Cure
    • Christian Says – Tones On Tail
    • Shadow Of Love – The Damned
    • Dead Souls – Joy Division
    • Prayer – Christian Death
    • Sanctum Sanctorum – The Damned
    • Spellbound – Siouxsie And The Banshees
    • Metal Postcard – Siouxsie And The Banshees
    • Swimming Horses – Siouxsie And The Banshees
    • Down In The Park – Tubeway Army
    • Dominion/Mother Russia – Sisters Of Mercy
    • Dark Entries – Bauhaus
    • Atmosphere – Joy Division
    • My Heart, Your Hands – Dommin
    • Swing The Heartache – Bauhaus
  • Who won Season 1 – 80’s New Wave?
    • (It was Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics)
  • Coco wants to sneak in Laura Branigan
  • Deep In The Dark had a kinda-creepy video
  • We are goth at heart!
  • And goth is inclusive
    • Coco has a whole thing to say about goth
  • Syd talks about his history in the local “goth scene”
    • And then gets very serious about how death is for everyone
    • …he’s so goth…
  • We are not a grammar podcast, we are a music podcast.
  • Our next episode will be about drinking wine and eating cheese
  • Contact Information
  • And that’s it!

Special thanks to Nile Raven of Juno's Circus for the amazing theme music. I keep forgetting to credit him in the recording, but check out his stuff on SoundCloud!

The Ninth Fit - The Return of Beanie

The Ninth Fit - The Return of Beanie

August 16, 2019

Recorded 12 August, 2019

  • Welcome back!

    • But it isn’t Goth Rock Season 2, sorry.
  • We recap our summer
  • Coco bought/paid off a car
    • Old Toyota ad campaigns… Oh, what a feeling!
    • Heart of a Honda.
  • Leaving work and Syd finds… BEANIE!!!
    • An unattended beanie signals The Return of Beanie!
  • Drinking a not that great beer
    • Last Call Brewery in Oakdale, Cali Blonde, #Disappointed
    • Beer flights come in 4, 5, or 20, right?
  • Count of 10 taps and what selections you might get.
    • The IPA crowd, specifically the West Coast IPA crowd
  • Dust Bowl Brewery, Turlock
    • Fruit Tramp Stamp, it was good
    • But not as good as the Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter!!!
      • Smelling the crematorium in Colma
    • Not a fan of Taco Truck Lager
  • Blaker Brewery, Ceres
    • Haven’t been there yet
  • We are beer snobs and will give bad reviews on our podcast if a brewery isn’t good!!!
  • #AcrossThePond
    • The official podcast of Brexit? No.
  • Tapped Apple cider house, Salida
  • Don’t cater to hipsters, don’t open in downtown?
    • Syd read something about a brewery in Modesto because he was trying to get the news feed app straightened out
  • The Market on 7th Street in Modesto
  • Contentment Brewery, Modesto
    • Near MJC
  • New school year starts next week
  • Charles wants to stand on Syd
  • Syd hasn’t started to build the shed yet…
    • Because he lost his ATM card. Twice!
  • Fall Sparge is coming up (So is Syd’s birthday)
  • 60 is the new 40
    • And Syd thinks the phrase is silly
  • Syd understands flannels
    • And wallet chains, which Syd made himself.
    • “Jenko Jeans are the new flannel”
  • Coco is buying a foam padded cane.
    • Because Syd will get arthritis the morning of his 50th
    • Tennis balls, dog balls, whatever…
  • Nice weather reminds Syd of his youth.
  • Coco makes up a nonsense world where there is no wine or scotch and only one mediocre beer.
    • Human-living bacteria/yeast make wine
    • Yeast poop out alcohol and burp out carbon dioxide
      • Syd tries to balance an equation to convert sugar to alcohol
    • Georgian wine, not the state, the country.
    • Johnnie Walker Blue Label
      • People know about it and it is expensive
      • Syd wants to try it
      • Also Oban 14, Lagavulin 16, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Glenlivet 21 year(?), or at least 15 year French Oak, Balvenie, it’s all expensive
      • Wine, Lucca
    • ABBAcadabra
      • Clip 1
    • Talking about other clips…
    • Last podcast was Syd’s salty podcast, and he apologizes for his saltiness.
    • Bears are repeating
    • A t-shirt of that would be cool, but not awesome, apparently
      • It would be awesome with links for our podcast on it, though
    • What is MeWe’s logo?
    • ABBAcadabra
      • Clip 2 – a mini Peanut Butter and Beanie.
      • Which has a callback to Clip 1
    • Need another beer
      • Syd talks about his dog
    • BeerSMR
      • Accident in Hubbard’s Cave
      • The Illinois that belongs to Nile
      • “It’s like you’re putting tar on a hot roof.” Best quote from the pod!
    • Coco did not work for the marketing department of Nestle’s Quik back in the day
    • Cougar sounds
    • No cool names like “Cougar” for men
      • Silver Fox?
      • Sugar Daddy? Cause they got money! And they aren’t an animal
        • Coco is out
      • Syd is more rounded and less foxy
    • Is Syd a Bear? Even though he’s not gay…
      • He doesn’t have a lumberjack body

        • But he has the height…
      • Burgeoning Irish Pot Belly, AKA spare tire or middle-aged spread
      • Love Handles vs Muffin Tops
      • Otters (gay men, not the cute animals)
      • Hipsters, please stop
        • IPAs are only popular due to peer pressure and high ABV
        • Bitter beers are good, but not when they hang on your tongue for a week
      • Beer talk with Syd and Coco
      • Charlie smiles, or maybe growls, or snarls, or something.
        • Gonna get another dog…eventually
        • But it’s gotta be a smaller dog
        • And what will we name it?
      • Good dog names
        • Cricket
        • Roxanne? No.
          • Gender Pacific?
        • Hazel, kinda sounds like coffee or an old German woman
        • Stucco is on the wall, not on the wall
          • But not Vans or Michael Jackson
          • Unless it is a black and white dog
        • Not Rambo
        • Not Bruiser
        • Heathcliff?
        • John Cleese?
        • John Cleese Van Damme?
        • Portuguese Joao Quiejo?
          • No one can pronounce Joao, though.
        • Manny? No.
        • Maria? No.
        • Manuel? Manuel Frank?
      • Portuguese pronunciation
        • Vs Spanish, Vs French
        • And Italian…
          • Syd pretends to know about the history of the Italian peninsula
          • Also the Iberian peninsula
        • This has been geographical history
          • Languages and breverages!
        • Back to dog names
          • Step Ladder?
          • Smart animal names
            • Eugene and Fletcher
            • Happy Days call back
          • And we talk about Grease
            • “Let’s hear it for the toilet paper!”
            • Syd has seen Grease too much, and West Side Story not nearly enough
          • And then Shakespeare
            • Because Shakespeare liked to kill people
            • Like Titus Andronicus, which is brutal!
            • And there is very silly comedy
              • Like Taming of the Shrew
            • Recording for over an hour…
            • Wrap it up
              • Contact information again!

                • Discord, MeWe, Slack
              • We don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for the show
              • Podbean! That’s where you can find these notes (self-referencial)
              • Back catalog
            • Our cat is talking to us from inside the house
            • But accept no invitations!
            • We’re going to do Goth Rock Challenge!!!
            • And we’re out!!!
            • Except for ABBAcadabra Clip 3
The Eighth Fit

The Eighth Fit

May 6, 2019

The Eighth Fit

In this special crossover podcast episode we have a special guest! Nile from Raven on the Fly joins us to drink a whole lot of booze and record whatever comes to mind! Our topics include:

  • #Not Jameson
  • Introductions
  • Syd gets refills (grabbing BOOZE)
  • Why Nile says “Y’all”
  • Beer Selection – don’t mix them together!
  • Wait, more introductions
  • Whiskey talk
    • My father raised me on scotch!
    • (Explicit Tag)
    • Syd oversimplifies what whiskey is
    • Hint – it isn’t Raisin Bran
    • Or Grape Nuts
    • Syd says “wheat” a lot and is wrong
  • Constance tries to drive the patio
  • Remembering dead celebrities with the Obituary Queen
    • Richard Erdman (no one recognizes him)
  • Talking about old TV shows
    • Barney Miller
  • Molloy’s Tavern – oh how we miss thee!
  • Jury Duty
    • Syd’s Jury Duty story
    • First use of last name on the pod
    • What? Coco isn’t 18?
    • Coco’s Jury Duty story
      • Double backhand of Nile and Syd!
    • Syd explains when it is okay to get pulled over after getting a driver’s license
    • Hooray for boobies. You know, the Bloodhound Gang
    • Official Bullshit
    • The history of SydVsCoco
      • Portents of Death and we’re bumming Nile out
      • Coco unclips the microphone
        • The worst podcast
      • Syd finally gets to the point of Peanut Butter and Beanie
        • A discussion of the brand of peanut butter ensues
  • Syd’s birthday plans
  • Artificial echoes
  • “Shut up, you have to tube!”
  • Syd causes a ruckus and forms a band called “Suddenly Reclining”
  • Tubing and pouring beer
  • More booze
    • Cheers, Seinfeld, The Goldbergs, Three’s Company, and so on…
  • Sparge is like a village…
  • Syd has nothing to say about bringing a guitar
    • Except – Hippy Jam Bullshit!
  • Back to talking about beers and how they won’t be around for the next time
  • Syd gets a bit salty about forgetting his story
  • Contact information
    • Raven on the Fly: find it on YouTube
    • Or check out Raven’s Wake on YouTube
    • SydVsCoco:
    • We’re on Discord as well
    • And a Slack channel
  • Meanwhile Nile and Coco are starting a project calling Disco Cord
    • But Syd can only play bass in the band
  • We all get into copyright infringement area
  • Then Coco just goes there!
  • Nile finally gets to his questions
    • And the point is that Syd hates everyone, so his expectations of everyone are lowered
  • Syd gets overly boisterous about his weight
  • Juju makes a very brief appearance
  • There are some shout outs
    • Red Pill Rebellion – let’s all say it together
    • Check out some Juno’s Circus
      • Argyle Smile
      • Check out two songs, The Imposters and Big Top and report back with your thoughts
  • Nile compliments the guest bathroom
  • Syd grabs the reigns and wraps it up. Not very effectively of course, but still he does, possibly upsetting an entire group of people in the world because he was talking smack about Nile.
  • No, wait, they’re still talking about other things
    • Nile speaks multiple languages
  • Okay, they're done!

Special thanks to Nile and Juno's Circus for the new and awesome theme music for our podcast!

Goth Rock - Intro

Goth Rock - Intro

April 2, 2019

Here it is! The long-awaited start of Season 2 of the Song Challenge! In this episode we introduce you all to the dark and spooky world of Goth Rock! We cover such important topics as:

  • What Goth is NOT
  • What songs are not cool
    • Especially in a Round Table restaurant
  • What Goth Rock is
  • Who Goth Rock is
  • A bit about some beer
    • Syd's really lousy British accent
  • An overview of the history of the Gothic music movement from its auspicious roots long, long ago
  • A list of bands that are in and about the Goth Rock genre
    • And a few bands that aren't
  • And we recount a tale of going to a Christian Death concert several years ago

So tune in and enjoy! As always, you can send us comments on this episode via email:

We are also on Discord, come join the conversation there. Search for SydVsCoco and you can find us.

Finally, this podcast is dedicated to the memory of our awesome Goth Dog who we lost in January of this year. He was a great pet and family member. And he will be missed. So if you're so inclined, thing of Haggis McGiffie as you're listening, because we definitely were.

The End Of 2018

The End Of 2018

February 26, 2019

Well, here it is! Finally...

After the long wait, everyone can finally hear the third installment of The Adventures of Peanut Butter and Beanie!

In this riveting episode, we get to hear all of the thrill and excitement of not one, but TWO MAJOR HOLIDAYS! Listen while Syd and Coco relay the intense feeling of spending Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with them! Hear the rush of their amazing, and jet-set lifestyle! Feel the exhilaration of the last moments of 2018!

Okay, who am I joking. This is just another silly installment of a few recordings we did over the holidays. It was a lot of fun and we got to have some friends and family join us while we recorded our life. I do apologize for the audio quality. it is very difficult to get a group of people sitting around my iPhone to sound consistent when I get to mixing. And there's only so much that digital editing can do. Still, it is a lot of fun to record these and share them with all six of you who listen in.

Be sure to send us questions via email at and stay tuned because you never know when a new episode is going to drop next!

The Seventh Fit

The Seventh Fit

January 16, 2019

The much anticipated new episode is here! Better late than never...

In this episode we talk about it all:

  • Gaming Resolution from 2018
  • Coco's bike
    • Interlude and entertainment
  • Actual Plays with a bit of gushing about the Tabletop Twats podcast
  • The Wild Die Podcast
  • Molloy's Tavern
  • Goth Rock
  • We need a theme song...
  • The Airplane App
  • Haggis drinks ALL THE WATERS
  • Follow up from last episode
    • Sizzle Chest vs Chiseled Chest
    • Winter in Montana
  • Things to follow up for next time
    • Making field recordings on the holidays
    • Create and reveal our song lists for Season Two of the Song Challenge
  • Contact us to come to our New Year's Eve party (hint, it is already over)

Send us your questions, comments, and praises:


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